Mission Statement: “To provide education and support through a variety of methods concerning the Master/slave lifestyle.”

Vision Statement: “To be a world class organization in providing educational, training, social and networking opportunities for adults interested in alternative relationships.”

MTTA, Inc. ~ Disclaimer

Every decision and choice a person makes has some degree of risk associated with it. We believe that each adult must set for himself or herself the level of risk he or she is willing to accept.

MTTA, Inc., supports the rights of individuals to make informed decisions and choices concerning their lifestyles.

MTTA, Inc., promotes open discussion and debate; however, we do not necessarily support every idea or technique put forth in our events.

MTTA, Inc., its officers, Board of Directors, and Staff, will not be held responsible for accidents, injuries, or other improper application of information or ideas generated by any of the programs or events it sponsors.

At MTTA, Inc., events, views or opinions expressed are those of the individuals speaking and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of MTTA, Inc., its officers, Board of Directors, Staff or Volunteers.